the Feathers

We love △s, #E20E37, and YOU!

What the Feathers?

the Feathers is a place where anything can happen. It is a creative studio, a scientific playground and a place designers, developers and artists love to call home. We are a collective of six creative companies that work together to achieve what we believe will be the transcendence in art and science.

Our Feathers

Feathers Entertainment is a media production company which can handle video, photography along with a complete editing suite.


Feathers Design is a composite team for Graphic Design, Print and Publishing Design, UX and UI Design, Architectural Design.


At CodeFeathers we sculpt websites, mobile apps and WordPress powered custom websites.


Aegha is our music band. Melodious, soft and harmonic or Electrical and energetic music.

VISIT is a free online magazine that focuses on the things that are generally not focused. We are the underdogs and so we know what it means to be one.

VISIT is a premium media news company that delivers news about your favourite movie industries.


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