OutFocus 3.0, codenamed OutFocus RED, is a WordPress theme in development for the major rebranding of OutFocus for its third birthday in July 2017. OutFocusRED started initial development on October 2016 and continues to be developed by the small team at CodeFeathers.

We are OPEN.

We at CodeFeathers believe in the power of open source. Besides, we are here today because of powerful and free open source projects like WordPress and Android that helped us learn, grow and develop applications for the web and mobile. To give back to the community that made us, we decided to release OutFocusRED as open source. The theme is made available on Github.

Made with the web in mind.

The web is not a kind place. Some of us have slow internet, some have fast. We serve our users, so we gave attention to what our users needed.


Mobile first


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