Noir | English | 2014

Noir (french: black) is a Feathers Entertainment original production started shooting in December 2013 and released in March 2014. It features a protagonist Tom who has a fundamentally different view of the world and appears to everyone as psychologically unstable. Unknown to everyone, including Tom’s brother and his psychiatrist, has Tom acquired supernatural abilities on recovery from a coma?

Impossible? What’s impossible?

Cast: Muthu Kumar, Mazhar Ghul, Sga Thomas.
Written by Sga Thomas.
Cinematographed by Bala Vignesh (Vignesh Pillai).
Edited by Muthu Kumar.
Original sound track by Hari.
Associate director: Sga Thomas.
Assistant directors: Mazhar Ghul, Jeffrey Josanne.
Production: Feathers Entertainment.

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